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  •   cazk0303 3 days ago

    Sensei is truly an earth angel and we are all very blessed Such a gifted soul.

  •   routsas 5 days ago

    Very good and kind.
    I hope is to be true

  •   nzstars 5 days ago

    Thank you for the reading Sensei :) You are always very humble in your communication. Your intuition and guidance are noted. Scott

  •   dobedobe 6 days ago


  •   dobedobe 9 days ago


  •   hayanugget 12 days ago

    Very good reading!

  •   nzstars 13 days ago

    Thanks Sensei you are a great guide for everyone! We are grateful for your intuition and guidance! Love & Light <3

  •   Ladymysterious 14 days ago

    Always a very excellent and accurate reading. Thank you Sensei. I feel so much calmer and assured. Blessings.

  •   cazk0303 18 days ago

    Thank you Sensei...I appreciate all of your guidance, healing and words of wisdom. A true earth angel:)

  •   CarbJunky 19 days ago

    Very relaxing to spend time with and very enlightening.
    I felt better and more informed.
    Very talented man with a calm and logical perspective.
    Puts into words so that soul and mind understand at the same time.
    Didn't tell me everything I WANTED to hear but I understood it as truth.
    Gifted and mindful of it.
    I highly recommend him.
    Helpful and reassuring even when the truth hurts a little.

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